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The Best Books on Property Investing

Education is essential to ensure you're prepared for the experience when undertaking investing projects. This advice applies to every experience level of real estate investors, from beginners to experts. Here are some of the best books on property investing for every experience level and goal.

Books for Property Investing Beginners

As a brand new investor, you're inundated with information (and myths) about the property investing world. This book will give you the essentials to start investing and the basic advice you need to succeed. It's also great at explaining the types of property investing, like renting or flipping, for people considering their options.

Books for Intermediate Investors

This book is for investors with a few properties under their belt who are looking for less of a step-by-step guide and more of a book of advice. The ABCs of Real Estate investing is full of this advice and is a great way to build your expertise.

Books for Scaling Your Business

This book centers around the BRRRR method, which can be intimidating to some investors. Greene's book goes over the ins and outs of the technique with an easily understood writing style.

Books for Flippers

This book is the flipper's guide to success; from finding the best homes to flip to revamping them to reselling them, this book has it all. Scott is truly an expert, boasting over $70 million from his flipping business.

Best Overall

As the best all-around book on property investing, Turner writes about something for every experience level. The book covers how to start renting out properties, common mistakes to avoid, and how to find great deals on property investment; it's a must-read for all property investors.

We can’t promise that any book on real estate investing will have you on the edge of your seat, but these books are good guides. If you want to speak directly with an expert, we can set you up with that! Book a free consultation with one of our advisors by clicking the link below:


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