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About Regalway Homes


With more than 15 years of involvement with real estate development, Regalway Homes has set a unique and favorable lasting impression among its esteemed clients and financial specialists. Regalway Homes is a multipurpose hub for real estate, catering, but not limited to wealth management, growth, and acquisition needs.The company headquarter is based out of Milton, Ontario. Regalway Homes has development projects that span all through Canada. As a family-owned business, we recognize our investors’ desires in an entirely different manner compared to other organizations within the market. We know how much commitment and confidence it takes to invest in an organization to help you with building and developing to make your real estate dreams come true.We vow to continue our dedication to fulfilling and surpassing the goals and expectations of every client as we operate in their best interest. Meer our owners, Kevin & Gabrielle. They are independent and self-taught, making them exceptional mentors ideal for guiding you through every step of the way, as they treat all your needs as their own.


Kevin Campbell

Kevin is a licensed Gas Technician by profession. Having worked in the construction field for more than 15 years, Kevin studied the ins and outs of the real estate market, how the process is carried out and all other essential components of property development. Kevin found his breakthrough after purchasing his first home when he was 20 years old. He chose to lease it while investing in a new property, and this kick-started his real estate development dream. Regalway Homes now owns more than 10 distinct residential and commercial properties throughout Canada.

Gabrielle Charles

Gabrielle is a former track and field athlete. With a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, and an M.A. in Education. Along with these top educational degrees, she is also certified in Real Estate Investment. Gabrielle loves working on numerous projects, but her full dedication and focus are in Regalway Homes along with her husband, Kevin. This power couple is the driving force behind Regalway Homes, and together they endeavour to make it the best real estate development company in North America.


We provide the best services for our customers

Regalway Homes is a multipurpose hub for real estate catering, but not limited to wealth management, growth, and acquisition needs.


“The expertise and personalized service that Regalway Homes delivers is second to none. They both pay close attention to the macro details and simultaneously understand the wider picture.”

Casey Johnson


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