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What Types of Homes Are Popular in Ontario?

Canada and Ontario offer a massive range of types of homes that can affect their market value for real estate investing. Here are the most popular homes in Ontario.


By far the most common type of home in Ontario, this one does not share any walls with other units. It's a broad category, often called single-family homes. 2 stories are the most common type of home in Ontario, but you will often see 1, 1.5, and 3 stories, too. Detached homes are often associated with less dense cities or suburbs.

Townhouses and Semi-detached

Townhomes, also called rowhomes or terraced houses, are another popular home type in Ontario. They are homes in rows and share both walls with each other but have their own property and deed. Semi-detached is similar to townhomes, but only two units are attached, and they only share one wall. These are most often seen in cities that are densely populated.


There are type types of split-level homes, side split and back split. In each version, common areas like the living room or kitchen are on the main level. Separated by steps on either the back or side of the house, the other level may have bedrooms or more common areas. These types of homes aren't built anymore and are commonly bought as fixer-uppers.


Similar to a one-storey home, bungalows have all their rooms on the same floor and don't share any walls with other units.


Condominiums, also called condos, are larger buildings with smaller units, each with individual owners. These buildings often have some common areas like a lobby or fitness center used by everyone. These are more common in or near cities like Toronto.

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