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Upgrade Your Vacation Rental for Winter

Winter rentals are becoming more popular. Upgrading your vacation rental for winter can make your property much more inviting, which of course makes it more likely to rent. Below are some changes to make your property stand out for the winter season.

Add Winter Decorations.

Winter decorations can be an easy upgrade for making your vacation rental more inviting for winter. Save some winter pillows and soft blankets for the living room to bring out when the weather starts getting cooler. Switch flowers with some winter foliage like an evergreen branch. If you have a fireplace, ensure it's highlighted with fun decor on the mantel (keep it safe by not overhanging the fire). Do not use any decorations that are personal to your family, and avoid cluttering the space. The most popular rentals online are clean and uncluttered.

Make an Inviting Entrance.

Your entrance is the first thing your guests will see, and they're often lugging in heavy bags when they get to your vacation rental. They will also be tracking in snow and mud, so it's wise to have somewhere to put their shoes by the door. This will protect the rest of your flooring and make the guest more comfortable. Hardwood floors by the door may also be colder than in the rest of the house, so consider adding a rug in the entrance to make the space more inviting.

Add a Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar

Everyone loves to warm up from the cold with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, so consider making a station in the kitchen with supplies to make a warm drink. You may need mugs, a coffee maker and grounds, some hot cocoa mix, and milk in the fridge.

Give Your Guests Snow Supplies

Consider adding winter gear so your guests can have fun in the snow! The gear can be simple, like a sled or some old skis. If your area gets a lot of tourists from around the world, they may not be able to bring this stuff with them.

Indoor Activities

While winter has a bunch of opportunities for outdoor activities, sometimes you just want to stay in. Ensure your guests have something to entertain them for nights in, like board games or a streaming service. This can make them feel at home and give them a reason to come back or leave a nice review.

If you are looking to invest in real estate or a vacation rental, we can help! Use our booking calendar below to book a free consultation.


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