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Is The Holiday Season A Good Time For Buying A Property?

The holidays are typically associated with tech or home goods deals, but the holidays can be some of the best times for real estate investments. Here are some of the benefits of finding a property during the holidays.

Buyer has leverage

Typically when someone sells their property during the holidays, there is a reason to do so. The holidays are already stressful for most, why add the stress of selling a house? This means sellers are usually desperate to sell quickly during the holidays, giving a buyer some leverage. This desperation gives buyers more room to negotiate on price or other contingencies. This can also mean faster closings.

Less competition

While the holidays are often associated with less real estate inventory, this may work in a buyer's favour. Remember, fewer people are buying during holidays too, which means fewer bidding wars.

Lower interest rates

While it isn't guaranteed, lower interest rates and favourable financing are often given during the holidays. Interest rates tend to drop during the holiday season due to limited demand, so take advantage of it while you can!

Agent availability

Real estate agents tend to have a slow season during the holidays, which means they can devote more time to you. Since there are fewer listings, finding a perfect home for you can be difficult. There are also more opportunities for price negotiation that a good agent will help immensely with.

See how the property handles winter.

Buying a home during winter has practical benefits. You can see if the home is well insulated and holds heat. You can also see the actual bones of a house without feeling swayed by the summer landscaping. You may also have a more flexible work schedule during the holidays, so it's easier to view properties.

One of the smaller joys of buying a property during winter is that homes are often staged and decorated for the holidays. Bringing some holiday cheer to a home is a great way to ease the stress of buying a property.

Are you considering making a home investment and wondering if now is a good time? Visit to book a consultation! We can help you plan the best time based on the market, season, and finances, figure out your actual budget and lay out the types of property that will suit your long-term goals.


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