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The Photos That Sell Homes (in summer)

It is summer 2021, and the housing market is still wild! Houses are selling faster than avocados can ripen, and many real estate investors are cashing out while the money is flowing. If you are looking to offload property this summer, you will need to provide the very best listing to keep up.

The photos on any listing - whether for sale or rent - should change depending on the season. Nobody is interested in seeing the cozy fireplace and Christmas tree placement in July. So, let’s take a look at the summer photos pulling in the big bucks on real estate listings.

The Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor space is the biggest selling point when selling a house during the summer, but in 2021, nothing is more important to a buyer or renter than knowing the outdoor space is entertaining.

We’ve talked about the trend of people moving to more spacious locations right now. With that in mind, spruce up your outdoor area to showcase good landscaping, good lounging areas, or a nice dining area. If you only have a small space, think of it as a sidewalk cafe. Potted plants, a bistro table, and even coffee cups on the table will be inviting for a renter or buyer to see.


It’s the summer after a year of quarantining. If there’s one thing we all want, it’s space. Add the heat of summer to that feeling, and you’ll get the idea. Whatever you have to do to make your property look more spacious, do it.

All counters should be cleared; the garage needs to be empty, the bedrooms should look like a sparse hotel room. Even if your property is a small rental, be sure to remove everything that could be considered “extra.” Open windows also hint at the space outdoors, so as long as the photos look clean, open ‘em up!

Cozy is not a word you want to use in a rental listing right now. That means “small” to tenants and gives off the feeling of winter and being wrapped up in front of the fire. Instead, think “spacious,” “bright,” and “sunlit.”

The idea of a cool breeze

While we are focusing on words, “fresh” conjures up the feeling of summer.

If you can use the word in your listing and complement the listing with photos that bring in that same feeling, you are winning.

Photos of light-filled rooms with windows open are the summer equivalent of “cozy.”

The neighbourhood amenities

We want outdoor activities, community, and friends. To know that we can leave the house (without travelling) and enjoy the type of activities that we lost in 2020 is a huge selling point. Is there a community pool or playground? How far is the property from a park, a library, or even a mall? Imagine yourself on the weekend. What would you like to be doing, and could you do that if living in this home?

The standard photos you use on a home listing are still integral - bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living space, and storage. All are just as important, but the season dictates what helps one property stand out from the rest. This season, focus on the summery activities that we all missed last year.

If you’re looking to learn more about real estate investing, including whether now is the time to buy or sell, get in touch! Our experts can walk you through the best options for your particular situation so that you can invest at the right time for you.


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