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What investment properties work best in Ontario's cities?

Ontario is one of the best places in North America for property investment. The world of real estate investment is big and confusing, so we’ve rounded up some of the best types of investment properties for Ontario.


Rentals are the most known type of investment property and for a good reason. After you buy the home, you can make money off of renting for years to come. You can buy a variety of properties to rent out, including single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, or townhomes.

Vacation rentals

Cities across Ontario are experiencing large amounts of tourists. You can rent your property out to these tourists short-term or long-term through apps like Air Bnb. This can be more hands-on than a rental, but they can bring in a higher cash flow than long-term rentals.

Mixed-use Properties

This type of property can be used for commercial and residential purposes. These properties can be a business location with an apartment on top, for example. These can do really well in downtown areas of cities in Ontario.

Location of Property

Let's get into where you should look at buying.

Ontario’s university cities, like Waterloo, London, and St. Catherines, are great places for rental properties. Most students rent during their education; there are also travelling professors or their friends and families that may need a place to stay when visiting them. This makes university cities great for rental and travels rental properties.

Bigger cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagra Falls are best for vacation rentals as they have high volumes of tourists. Mixed-use properties can do well in any of these cities, but it's best if they are in a downtown area.

If you’re interested in property investment in Ontario, schedule a consultation with the experts at Regalway at


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