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What Makes a Property Stand Out on Airbnb?

With its forests, waterfalls, lakes, sandy beaches, and the infamous Niagara falls, Ontario continues to attract thousands of visitors every year. This means that renting out a vacation rental on can be a very lucrative business. An article on reveals that some landlords earn as much as $200 per night.

However, merely listing your property on Airbnb does not guarantee success. To enjoy a high occupancy rate, you need to ensure that your rental stands out.

Here are some ideas for attracting more eyeballs to your Airbnb listing:

Invest in quality photography

Quality photos (like the ones below) will grab attention and give potential visitors a good idea of what living in your property will feel like. Before taking photos, clean up your spaces and get rid of all the clutter. You could also spruce up the vacation rental by adding artwork, flowers, and other decorative touches. Taking photos during the day is advisable, so you can take advantage of the natural light. Make sure the first photos in your listing highlight your property's best features (hot tub, fireplace, amazing views, etc.)

Use a catchy title

Your listing title is what potential guests see first. A catchy heading will entice people to click on your listing to learn more. For example, you could mention a landmark nearby and combine it with your home’s best feature.

Write a detailed description of the space.

When describing your space, talk about what makes it special. Focus on the condition, atmosphere, uniqueness, and style of the space. You should also mention services like free parking and in-house laundry that guests will enjoy. A good example is the Bi-Century Log Cabin listing which contains an elaborate description of the amenities, appliances, and attractions available.

Create an excellent host profile

Often, guests will want to know more about the host before booking an Airbnb rental. When your profile is solid, people will be assured that you are authentic and reliable. Attach a professional photo of yourself, preferably smiling. Be sure to use words that will showcase your personality. You could even mention your interests and hobbies, or even the kind of music you like. Check out this host profile from The Nook Listing.

Respond promptly

Being responsive will not only increase your search rankings on Airbnb but also attract positive reviews from guests. Therefore, always respond to booking requests and guest inquiries as fast as possible. In addition, be sure to keep your host profile current.


With the thousands of Airbnb listings out there, you will have to work hard to stand out. You can get more professional advice from Regalway Homes.

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