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Is a Home Office Still a Good Investment?

In 2020, a home office became one of the most vital additions to put in a home, whether you were looking to rent or sell. Since then, restrictions have slowly lifted and now many companies are returning to an in-office working situation. So, do you still need a home office when you’re looking to showcase your home?

Let’s look at all of the facts.

How Many People Still Use Their Home Office?

According to, one year after the pandemic began, around five million people in Canada were still working from home. That’s about 20% of the population. (

It’s harder to find stats that show how many people are still working from home today, nearly two years after the pandemic started. That being said, we can predict how many people will return to work in the upcoming months.

In 2022, are people expected to return to office work?

People in office jobs have come to enjoy working from home throughout the pandemic. 88% of people surveyed in December 2021 said they preferred to work from home, although 55% said they missed their coworkers. (

The pandemic led many companies to invest heavily in software that will allow working from home seamlessly. With this in mind, many companies are choosing not to bring employees back, but rather saving money on office space and investing in cloud computing instead.

“The BDC’s working from home survey found that 74 per cent of businesses plan to offer employees remote work after the pandemic and 55 per cent of employees want to work remotely as much or more than they do now.” (

So, should you still create a home office in order to sell or rent your property?


People are still expected to work from home whenever possible. If you are looking to promote your property online, make sure your photos include a home office.

The office space doesn’t have to be a large space, but a clean desk in a light space should attract more people to your listing. Here are some examples of home office spaces that stand out AND are easy to recreate.

Nook Office Space

(Source: CountryLiving)

The Organized Bedroom Office

(Source: CountryLiving)

Shared Office Space

(Source: CountryLiving)

Larger Space With Refined Feel

A Landing Office

(Source: CountryLiving)

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